I want to be happy because I never was.

I want to live what I have left with you.

Tomorrow I'll never know if I'm alive.

And the only thing I can take with me is my happiness.

Now I'm happy here!

I leave aside my pains, my envy and I will join the world of victorious people!

Faith crosses the tunnel of courage.

It makes the impossible become possible!

I'd rather not remember a life full of lations.

What I want is a life filled with magical moments!

I did many hours of work, to win a little more, I fought everything for a true love, I fought everything to have a house, I did what I thought I could do, everything changed in my life.

Thank God you're such a wonderful person.

Above all, be happy.

You'll be unhappy today.

Be happy now, and never tomorrow.

God is Love and love is God.

He wants me to smile now and be happy!

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